The Compliance Week Data Research Division is powered by data from our partner Audit Analytics. This custom report, which is available exclusively to Compliance Week members, is a summary of one sample company and a view into the type of intelligence derived from use of the AQRM Tool.

The Accounting Quality + Risk Matrix, or AQRM, is a U.S. public equities research and due diligence tool available through Audit Analytics and as an app on the Bloomberg Terminal. It is designed to quickly identify and understand qualitative and contextual metrics of governance and reporting quality. Red flags and events highlighted in the risk matrix are used for screening, idea generation, portfolio monitoring, and risk management for every SEC registrant.

Using a combination of industry-standard metrics and proprietary analysis, informed by the latest research in the accounting field, we highlight notable, significant, and critical events and anomalies organized around five basic categories of metrics and events: (1) Financial Reporting, (2) Controls, (3) Insiders, (4) Stakeholders, and (5) Auditors.

Quickly review the history of a company’s reportable events, including proprietary data sets such as financial restatements, out–of-period adjustments, and changes in accounting estimates. Our in-depth information and analysis on these events is also presented to minimize digging through SEC filings for useful information.