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    Accuity launches AI-driven financial crime screening


    Accuity, a provider of financial crime compliance, payments, and Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions, announced its AI-driven account screening capability, Firco Automated Alert Reduction.

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    Accuity acquires Safe Banking Systems


    Accuity last month announced the acquisition of Safe Banking Systems, a specialist provider of Know-Your-Customer due diligence and anti-money laundering solutions that enable financial institutions to identify, assess, and manage risk across the enterprise.

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    Accuity trade compliance screening solution has new vessel monitoring capability


    Accuity, a provider of financial crime compliance, payments and counterparty know-your-customer solutions, has released a new vessel monitoring capability, Firco Trade Compliance Ship Enforcement Alerts that enables companies involved in trade finance to track shipping vessels in real-time to ensure they are not in breach of international sanctions.

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    Accuity launches Live Services pilot with global banks


    Accuity, a global financial crime compliance, payments, and KYC solutions provider, recently announced the launch of its Firco Live Services pilot with global banks.

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    Accuity provides greater clarity on KYC risks


    Accuity has announced the launch of Bankers Almanac Sanctions View, enabling financial institutions to gain a comprehensive and holistic view of their financial counterparties to help them perform their KYC due diligence faster and easier.