Actiance, a communication compliance, archiving, and analytics provider, announced a global partnership with Hootsuite, a social media management platform. The companies will integrate their products to enable social marketing, archiving, and compliance solutions for financial services companies to assist in keeping all social communication compliant with mandates set by regulatory bodies.

The companies will integrate and co-sell a solution for content moderation, automated archiving, publisher notifications and moderation on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, enabling organizations working in highly regulated industries to reap the full benefits of these channels.

The partnership will leverage Hootsuite’s social media management platform, extensive ecosystem, and world-class education along with Actiance’s Socialite,which enables compliance across public social networks, and Alcatraz, its context-aware cloud-based archive, to accelerate digital transformation.

“This partnership decouples marketing from compliance by bringing together two best of breed solutions, Hootsuite for social management, and Actiance for compliance, to create a holistic solution for modern communication,” said Amy McIlwain, global Iindustry principal for financial services at Hootsuite.

By integrating their solutions, the two companies will enable: 

Content moderation: Content created in Hootsuite (Posts and Comments) is automatically routed to Actiance Socialite for policy review.

Automated archiving: Actiance automatically archives content from Hootsuite and natively connected channels into the Actiance Alcatraz Cloud Archive.

Publisher notifications: When content is approved or rejected in Actiance, the publisher in Hootsuite is notified with reason information and latest status.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profile moderation: Actiance supports native moderation of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles and will sync approval history to the archive. Updates to profiles can be made directly from Actiance Socialite.