Actiance, a communications compliance, archiving, and analytics provider, has broadened its scope of supported communications channels to include Workplace by Facebook, which publicly launched earlier this month. With Actiance Socialite, company employees can share and engage using the latest public and enterprise social channels, like Workplace, while ensuring security, governance, and compliance needs are met.

“Actiance is continually expanding the number of channels its compliance platform supports, so enterprises can effectively harness the power of emerging social networks, such as Workplace by Facebook, while keeping content and business safe,” said Scott Whitney, senior vice president of product management at Actiance. “With Actiance’s modern, extensible architecture, businesses can easily deploy Workplace while continuing to meet compliance demands.”

Today’s enterprises are continually seeking tools that allow distributed teams to communicate and solve business problems faster and more efficiently. Moreover, as younger generations enter the workforce they expect personal social networking tools to integrate into their business environment.

Workplace is architected to function like Facebook while allowing businesses to manage and create their own social networks among employees. Thanks to its widely familiar interface, Workplace is lowering the adoption hurdle for employees to start collaborating. That means the need to create and enforce policies for the compliant use of Workplace is even greater.

Unlike traditional and ad hoc retention solutions, Actiance Socialite retains complex metadata on social communications platforms, including third-party content capture, uploaded images, threaded comments, and user details. Enterprises deploying the Workplace platform can use Socialite to discover members and groups and capture communications using the admin API access. Not only does Socialite capture social communications data in context to streamline compliance, but it also retains the data in context on Actiance’s archiving platform Alcatraz for smarter search, hold, and review.