Actiance, a communications compliance, archiving, and analytics provider, recently launched capture and archiving support for workplace messaging platform Microsoft Teams, a real-time collaboration hub that’s bringing new levels of efficiency to the enterprise.

Actiance Vantage for Microsoft Teams enables customers to capture Microsoft Teams messaging and files and then send to their electronic communications archive of choice for long-term retention. When used in conjunction with Actiance Alcatraz, the company’s context-aware cloud archive, customers can replay Microsoft Teams communications along with those taking place on more than 80 other communications channels such as email, secure text messaging, unified communications and social media, for a holistic view of all communications through the Actiance compliance platform.

Office 365 customers who enable Microsoft Teams can leverage Actiance Vantage for Microsoft Teams solution to:

Capture, index, and search one-to-one chats, multi-party chat, and Team Persistent channels;

Capture uploaded files in their original format, regardless of device, location or network; and

Export necessary Teams data in multiple formats securely and directly to Actiance Alcatraz or another archive of choice.

Used in conjunction with Actiance Alcatraz, Office 365 customers benefit from:

Rapid Search: Across all Teams communications and over 80 other channels in one consolidated destination;

Simplified eDiscovery: Escalate and tag Teams content based on cases, events or topics;

Robust Supervision: Comprehensive audit trails that track each review session, actions taken on messages, and routes messages to supervisors for further review; and

Immutable Storage: Teams communications are preserved on non-erasable, non-rewriteable media in their native, unaltered format to meet recordkeeping obligations.

Actiance Vantage for Microsoft Teams is available either on-premise or in the Azure Cloud.