Back in the olden days, the Chairman of the SEC knew heading into the job that he or she would become something of a public figure during their term (in the securities law world, at least) whose photograph might occasionally appear in newspapers and trade journals. Perhaps their policies would even be called into question by a pointed article or editorial.

Today, it appears, the SEC chair must be prepared for far more creative scrutiny, and in very different venues. On his blog today, Broc Romanek included a photo of a poster ad in the Union Station Metro station near the SEC’s headquarters.  To make a long story short, the ad below is an appeal to SEC Chair Mary Jo White from an advocacy group for her to help stomp out the menace of "dark money." 

Following the URL printed at the bottom of the ad led me to an entire social media campaign on this point with Twitter and Facebook-ready images. The campaign revolves around the concept of SEC Chair White as an actual superhero with a cape and an awesome MJW logo and her own customized bat-signal. A few of the images are below. Welcome to advocacy in the social media era!