Amber Road, a provider of global trade management solutions (GTM), announced that AeroTurbine, a global aviation company specializing in supply chain management solutions, has selected the Amber Road restricted party screening (RPS) solution to upgrade its compliance processes.

AeroTurbine has 20,000 different business partners around the world, including customers, suppliers, maintenance repair and overhaul organizations (MROs), and freight forwarders.  With an understanding of the need to ensure compliance with the broad array of dynamic restricted part lists, AeroTurbine has had a screening solution in place for some time. The company decided it needed to improve its partner screening efficiency and effectiveness, however, and ultimately selected the Amber Road restricted party screening solution.

“The international compliance environment has become exponentially more complex in recent years, and it was time to align our screening processes,” said Amanda Cutler, AeroTurbine’s chief legal officer.  “Amber Road is ideal for AeroTurbine as it covers a comprehensive number of lists, offers time-saving capabilities such as batch upload and a single point of access to comprehensive information in the event of a hit, and automatically monitors all our business partners against changes in any of the lists.”

Provided as a software-as-a-service, Amber Road’s RPS solution enabled AeroTurbine to become operational in early 2015, after an implementation period of just one month. Looking further into the future, AeroTurbine has the option to activate additional trade management functionality available through Amber Road’s comprehensive Export On-Demand solution, which encompasses the restricted party screening solution.