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    White House jumps on AI bandwagon


    Jumping into an arena the private sector has trailblazed, the federal government is redoubling its efforts regarding the development of artificial intelligence. On Feb. 11, President Trump announced a new initiative intended to help the U.S. gain dominance in deployments of the emerging technology.

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    Immuta adds Richard Geering as VP of GRC


    Enterprise data management solutions provider Immuta announced the hiring of Richard Geering as the company’s vice president of governance, risk, and compliance.

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    U.S. considers export controls for AI, other emerging tech


    The Commerce Department is proposing what may end up being the government’s first regulatory regime for the use of artificial intelligence technology. Other cutting-edge technologies are also under consideration for enhanced export controls.

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    A top concern for banks: How will regulators tackle AI?


    The cutting-edge question asked by Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard at a recent conference: “What are we learning about artificial intelligence in financial services?” She answered with a look at the regulatory landscape.

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    Compliance lessons from the best team in baseball


    Believe it or not, there's a compliance lesson to be learned by the methods of the Houston Astros in their rise from the worst team in baseball to World Series champions.

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    QuantaVerse Financial Crime Report simplifies FinCEN SAR filings


    QuantaVerse, the first in the market with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions purpose-built for identifying financial crimes, helps financial institutions file timely and accurate suspicious activity reports (SARs) that match FinCEN’s recently revamped SAR filing format in the BSA E-Filing System.

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    When robots report to compliance


    Adopting new technologies is critical for any compliance or audit department, but it’s equally important to choose the right technologies and implementations. The experts at CW’s recent innovation summit have some helpful advice.

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    Machine learning and anti-corruption compliance


    Behavioral analytics, coupled with machine learning will enhance anti-corruption compliance programs and the company will run more efficiently, as it will allow an organization to more closely track its overall spend going forward.

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    FCA calls for technology for ‘smarter’ regulatory reporting


    In a bid to cut down on firms’ “burdensome” reporting woes while easing its own workload to review such reporting, the Financial Conduct Authority is seeking input on how technology could make regulatory reporting simpler and more consistent.

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    Data quality is the fuel that makes AI run


    For compliance officers looking to harness the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence into their programs, they first must make sure they are working with good data.