Lightweight metals company Alcoa has rearranged its board of directors, following the company's Annual Meeting of Shareholders this month.

Judith Gueron, an Alcoa director since 1988 and its lead director since 2010, who did not stand for re-election when her term expired at the annual meeting, retired from the board. Succeeding Gueron as lead director is Patricia Russo, who has been a member of the Alcoa board since 2008.

Russo is the former chief executive officer of Alcatel Lucent, a communications company, and earlier served as chairman of Lucent Technologies. She led Lucent’s cross-border merger negotiations with Alcatel, a French company and became the merged organization's first  CEO. Russo also has held senior executive positions at AT&T and Avaya. As a member of Alcoa's board of directors, Russo has chaired the compensation and benefits committee, and is a member of the executive committee, as well as the governance and nominating committee.

With Russo's move to lead director, she was appointed chair of Alcoa’s governance and nominating committee, and Michael Morris, retired chairman of American Electric Power Company, was appointed chair of Alcoa's compensation and benefits committee. In addition, Kathryn Fuller was appointed to the governance and nominating committee and executive committee. Rafael Reif was appointed to the public issues committee.