Anomali, a threat intelligence solutions provider, has partnered with the Global Resilience Federation (GRF), an intelligence hub that enables global cyber and physical threat sharing. The partnership will enable real-time threat monitoring and analysis across multiple sectors.

“Because cyber threats are global in nature, our long-term vision is to see relevant intelligence shared across all sectors in real-time," said Colby DeRodeff, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Anomali. "For example, if a financial institution shares threat intel about a potential hack against its customer base, this information should be shared with all sectors that focus on customer support, including energy and legal. One organization’s detection is another organization’s prevention.”

The partnership between Anomali and GRF will provide crucial threat intelligence sharing capabilities for GRF members through Anomali ThreatStream. Members can login through a simple online dashboard, where they can see different malware histories, breakdown searches by various threat factors, and export data to plug into specific systems.

GRF offers a growing network of more than 7,000 organizations who will have access to an unprecedented level of threat data analysis. The Anomali threat sharing platform will provide member companies with a profile and history of threats and the bad actors behind them. This information will allow analysts to make informed decisions about bolstering defense strategies and building out more robust cyber-security postures.

A recent Ponemon/Anomali report confirms that threat intelligence sharing is critical in keeping up with the pace of increasing malicious activity. However, although the demand for intelligence increased, driving consistently high levels of member contributions remains a challenge in some communities. These challenges to sharing threat intelligence are due to various reasons, including a lack of expertise and fear of revealing a breach.

To offer greater trust within the communities and, in turn, increased sharing, Anomali created Trusted Circles within the ThreatStream platform. Trusted Circles allow specific, vetted members of a community to collaborate and discuss threat activities they have observed around a specific campaign, adversary, or incident confidentially.