The Anti-Bribery & Corruption Benchmarking Report provides a wide-ranging view of today’s bribery and corruption risks as well as best practices for compliance professionals and senior executives.

Learn more about the perceived strengths and weaknesses of anti-bribery and corruption programs today, the focus of compliance experts going forward, and whether your business is keeping pace with common risk mitigation practices.

Key themes from the Report include:

The Rise of Reputational Risk

General reputational concerns went from being the least likely reason for a third party to fail a company’s vetting standards to now being the most likely reason.

ABC Programs: Ongoing Challenges, New Lines of Defense

40 percent of respondents cite third party violations as the top risk to their organization’s anti-bribery and corruption program.

Monitoring: The Evolving Role of Compliance Post-Onboarding

More than half of respondents report that they identified legal, ethical, or compliance issues with a third party after due diligence had been conducted.

M&A: A Deeper Look

M&A activity increased last year, but respondents indicate that they do not conduct the same level of data collection for the third parties of their transaction targets as they do for their organization’s own third parties, despite applicable regulatory guidance.