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    Few OECD Member Countries Make Good on Anti-Bribery Pledge


    Many of the member countries to the OECD’s Anti-Bribery Convention are not doing enough to prevent bribery and corruption, according to a new report from Transparency International. Twenty-two of the 41 signatory countries have “failed to investigate or prosecute any foreign bribery case during the last four years,” TI said. ...

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    FIFA Takes Steps Toward Transparency


    Image: FIFA, the governing body for professional soccer that is mired in controversy and allegations of corruption, may be taking the first steps to transparency and better performance: The group has hired an outside law firm to conduct an exhaustive look at its business practices and to review possible corrupt ...

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    Ex-SAP Executive Pleads to FCPA Charges


    The Justice Department and SEC jointly announced an enforcement action on Wednesday against a former executive of SAP International for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by bribing officials in Panama to win government contracts. Vicente Eduardo Garcia, 65, will pay damages totalling $92,300 and faces sentencing later this ...

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    The Man From FCPA Arrives


    Today, I begin a blogging series for Compliance Week as The Man From FCPA. Our goal is to provide you with up-to-date information on all things related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and anti-corruption overall. I will cover FCPA issues that have a U.S.-centric focus, and also other anti-corruption ...

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    FCPA Actions Down, Declinations Up


    The Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission resolved eight Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement actions so far in 2015—the lowest mid-year total in a decade, according to recent analysis from law firm Miller & Chevalier. “This slow-down seems to be attributable, in part, to a greater emphasis on declinations ...

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    IAP Worldwide to Pay $7.1 Million in FCPA Case


    Defense and government contracting company IAP Worldwide Services yesterday agreed to pay a $7.1 million penalty and entered into a non-prosecution agreement with the Department of Justice. The NPA requires IAP to “conduct a review of its existing internal controls, policies and procedures, and make any necessary modifications to ensure ...

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    France Lags Behind in Global Corruption Fight


    France has drawn international attention amid a string of scandals that engulfed some of the country’s largest companies. When compared to the United States, experts believe that French authorities are more lenient on wrongdoing. The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development is “seriously concerned” by the country’s “lackluster response” toward ...

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    New UK Anti-Corruption Plan Omits Hideaway Homes


    Britain’s ambitious U.K. Anti-Corruption Plan addresses everything from emboldened enforcement agencies to sharper criminal liability, but critics have jumped on one weakness: the plan’s mandate for a public register of beneficial ownership omits the housing market. Given the multitude of luxury homes in London owned by overseas trusts, that’s problematic, ...

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    EU Raises ‘Loophole Risk’ With New AML Regime


    Transparency advocates are giving tempered praise to a new anti-money laundering regime proposed this month by representatives of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. The new rules would mandate that member states create centralised registers of beneficial ownership behind companies, but outsiders such as journalists or ...

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    Avon Pays $135 Million To Resolve FCPA Charges


    Image: The SEC has charged Avon with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations by failing to prevent payments and gifts to Chinese government officials from employees at a subsidiary, resulting in a $135 million penalty. “Avon missed an opportunity to correct potential FCPA problems at its subsidiary, resulting in years of ...

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    OECD Report: Foreign Bribery Enforcement on the Decline


    A report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development reveals that the number of sanctions against companies and individuals for the bribery of foreign government officials appears to be declining. According to the report, 42 foreign bribery cases concluded last year, significantly lower than the 78 foreign bribery cases ...

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    Total to Face New Corruption Charges in France


    One year after paying more than $398 million to U.S. prosecutors for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Total S.A. is expected to face new corruption charges, this time in France. In announcing the settlement last year, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Criminal Division Mythili Raman ...

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    Caldwell: Advances in Global Anti-Corruption Efforts


    Image: Title: CaldwellU.S. regulators increasingly are collaborating with foreign governments to fight bribery and corruption on a global scale, advancing the Justice Department’s efforts to uncover and prosecute violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. “Every day, more countries join in the battle against transnational bribery,” said Leslie Caldwell, assistant ...

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    G20 to Focus on Beneficial Ownership Transparency in 2015


    Improving beneficial ownership transparency will be a top priority for leaders of the G20 countries in 2015. Following a two-day summit in Australia this week, the G20 leaders released a new set of principles that sets out concrete measures that G20 countries will take to prevent the misuse of legal ...

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    Brazil Gets Praise and a Push from OECD on Anti-Bribery Efforts


    Oct. 30—Brazil is getting both a pat on the back and a push forward from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development regarding its anti-bribery efforts. OECD’s Working Group on Bribery said this week that Brazil “must build on the positive momentum” started with its new Corporate Liability Law and ...

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    FCPA Takeaways in Layne Christensen


    Image: Layne Christensen Co. joined the FCPA enforcement hall of shame this week; it was fined $5.1 million for various bribery infractions in Africa in the 2000s. Its aggressive investigation efforts won praise from regulators, but the root of the company’s problem—weak internal control over financial reporting—is still the far ...

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    For FCPA Compliance, Don’t Forget the Internal Controls


    They have been there all along, hiding in plain sight: the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act requirements for internal controls. The problem is that most compliance practitioners have not been reading them too carefully. What are internal controls in a FCPA compliance program? Aaron Murphy, a partner at Akin Gump and ...