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    To combat fraud, check accounting policies, internal controls


    In the battle against fraud and restatements, a company’s best allies are strong accounting policies and well-documented internal controls, a new report says.

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    FIFA appoints chief compliance officer


    The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the international governing body of professional soccer, today announced that Edward Hanover, an experienced international compliance executive, has been appointed as the organisation’s chief compliance officer. He will begin work on 1 Oct. 2016. Jaclyn Jaeger has more.

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    The Greek Culture of Corruption


    Envelopes stuffed with cash and entire industries poised to take action against the first sign of whistleblowing are just two of the hallmarks of the endemic corruption that bedevils the entire Greek economy. What can be done when compliance isn’t just absent in a country, but actively avoided as a ...

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    Podcast: PayPal on Fraud Detection, Continuous Monitoring


    Image: In the latest edition of the Compliance Week podcast, we chat with Hui Wang, senior director of global risk sciences at PayPal, about security and anti-fraud efforts at the online payment processor and the company’s homegrown system for continuous risk monitoring.

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    PCAOB Queues Up Fraud Talk; Latest Report Offers Tips to Resist Fraud


    Audit regulators are assembling their closest advisors this week to take a closer look at the latest thinking around what motivates auditors and what tools and skills they bring to the effort to detect financial reporting fraud.