Arachnys, a Customer Risk Intelligence (CRI) solutions provider for Client Onboarding, Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Due Diligence & Enhanced Due Diligence (CDD/EDD), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), announced the launch of its CRI cloud-native platform.

CRI is an entirely new approach to Client Onboarding, KYC, CDD, EDD, and AML investigative activities. It enhances the speed, accuracy, and reuse of information for KYC and onboarding; uplifts the customer experience; accelerates revenue acquisition; streamlines compliance efforts; and transforms investigative know-how into an institutional asset.

The capabilities inherent in the Arachnys CRI platform address rapidly changing market dynamics which are compelling financial institutions around the world to focus on five “must-do” initiatives: real-time money laundering interdiction, competitive differentiation with accelerated client onboarding, syndication of investigative knowledge, reuse of compliance data exhaust, and analyst empowerment.

With CRI, financial institutions can trim onboarding times, avoid the sunk expense of AML remediation cost, and dramatically increase investigative throughput by reducing false-positives and QA error rates.

The foundations for a firms’ CRI platform are: a cloud-native solution suitable for global use; an entity-centric infrastructure and approach to compliance investigations; a curated online information library tailored to the firm’s compliance policies; and risk knowledge management capability for capturing, organizing, and leveraging prior analyst work.