Archive360, a Microsoft cloud solution provider, announced the availability of Archive2Azure, a regulatory compliance storage solution optimized for the Microsoft Azure platform.

With infinite scalability, the new product delivers long-term, secure retention of unstructured data including journal email for regulatory compliance and litigation preparedness, file system work files, individual PSTs, system generated reports, and all the other unstructured data floating around the enterprise. This capability provides organizations a fast and seamless way to speed their move to the cloud by enabling the elimination of their costly on-premises unstructured data silos, including their cumbersome and expensive legacy archive systems.

With aging systems that cannot scale to accommodate the exponential rise in capacity and usage, organizations are seeing an increased risk and cost for eDiscovery processes and mounting regulatory compliance exposure. Added to this, legacy systems continue to negatively affect end-user productivity to the point where business performance is impacted.

With the release of Archive2Azure, companies can fully move their unstructured and low touch data to the cloud by eliminating legacy e-mail archives—including journal data, free-range PSTs, and other unmanaged data—with the ability to migrate their data to Office 365 and Microsoft Azure in a legally defensible manner.

The platform currently offers a total of 11 connectors (with more being added every quarter), including new connectors for MessageOne, AXS-One, MX Logic, ArchiveOne/C2C and Gwava, for seamless and efficient legacy email archive migration to the cloud. This solution delivers complete migration of unstructured data including file and email data as well as free-range PST files, and ensures a legally defensible migration while taking advantage of the low cost benefits of the Microsoft Azure cloud.