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    FSOC turns focus to asset management


    Bringing a measure of transparency to its often secretive deliberations, the Financial Stability Oversight Council has released a public update on its review of potential risks to U.S. financial stability. Topping that list, beyond its controversial designations of banks and nonbanks as systemically important, are concerns about asset management products ...

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    SEC’s Piwowar on regulatory challenges to ABS marketplace


    Image: Speaking at the ABS Vegas 2016 conference this week, billed as the “largest capital markets conference in the world,” SEC Commissioner Michael Piwowar agreed with that characterization, but quipped that banking regulators—unfortunately, in his view—might be inclined to call it the “largest shadow banking conference in the world.” Piwowar ...

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    CFPB Tries to Assuage Fears Over New Mortgage Disclosures


    Image: Mortgage servicers, lenders, and aggregators received welcomed news from CFPB Director Richard Cordray, who wrote in a letter to the Mortgage Bankers Association that technical errors will mean non-compliance with new "Know Before You Owe" mortgage disclosure rules. Because “there inevitably will be inadvertent errors in the early days,” ...

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    OCC's Focus on Credit Risk Includes Auto Loan Concerns


    A side effect of the economic recovery is that credit risk is now "moving to the forefront," says Comptroller of the Currency Thomas Curry. As banks reach for loan growth with less creditworthy borrowers, the resulting risk is prompting increased regulatory scrutiny of auto, home equity, and commercial real ...

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    Risk Retention Rule Finalized for Asset-Backed Securities


    Bank regulators, along with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Housing Finance Agency, and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development have jointly issued a final rule that imposes credit risk retention requirements on sponsors of asset-backed securities. The rule requires sponsors to hold at least 5 percent of the ...

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    Regulators Jointly Approve New Risk Retention Rules


    Image: Title: Regulators Jointly Approve NewOct. 23—The SEC has adopted final rules for the asset-backed securities market that will require securitizers to retain no less than five percent of the credit risk of the assets they securitize. The rule was adopted one day after the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal ...