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    Regulator Roasts Fannie Mae’s CAE Selection


    The Federal Housing Finance Agency has provided a primer for corporate audit committees on how not to appoint and manage a chief audit executive. The FHFA’s inspector general has released a detailed report criticizing Fannie Mae’s selection of a chief audit executive in 2013, calling the audit committee’s process “far ...

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    Latest GRC Survey Shows Disconnect on Risk


    Yet more findings—these from Grant Thornton—reveal that audit committees and chief audit executives differ on priorities. According to the survey, audit committees rank financial risk as most important for internal audit, followed by compliance, operational, and strategic risks. CAEs, however, give compliance risk top billing, followed by operational, financial, and ...

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    Shareholder Wins Bid to Amend Audit Committee Rules


    A recent letter from the Securities and Exchange Commission denies Citigroup’s proposal to bar a person with a history of bankruptcy from joining the audit committee. The Commission said it disagrees with Citi that a shareholder proposal to pursue a bylaw amendment on audit committee service should be excluded from ...

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    Survey: Directors Uneasy About Risk Strategies


    Dec. 16—Many directors are unhappy with their approach to risk oversight and mitigation, frequently feeling out-of-the-loop when it comes to cyber-security threats, according to a new survey by the National Association of Corporate Directors. The survey found that many directors want changes to how risk oversight responsibilities are allocated, with ...

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    Audit Committees Offer Details on Auditor Independence


    Image: A Center for Audit Quality study shows a significant majority of all S&P Composite 1,500 companies are talking to investors about auditor independence, but fewer address how the auditor is appointed. “We think it is important to provide a baseline for audit committee disclosures, with the intent of tracking ...

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    Study Says CFOs Still Control Audit Fees at Many Companies


    Image: Title: MauldinNew academic research suggests the CFO, not the audit committee, still often negotiates the audit fee, despite Sarbanes-Oxley Act provisions meant to put audit committees in the driver’s seat. “At many companies it is still primarily the CFO who calls the shots,” says Elaine Mauldin, professor at the ...