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    The U.K.’s coming auditor rotation nightmare


    Noting that a number of U.S. headquartered banks are due to rotate their U.K. subsidiary auditor soon, the FRC said this would result in the group auditor in the U.S., which is not required to rotate, being different from the U.K. subsidiary auditor. What then?

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    FRC issues new Audit Firm Governance Code


    The U.K. Financial Reporting Council has updated its Audit Firm Governance Code in an effort to improve investors’ faith in accounting practices. Paul Hodgson reports.

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    FRC announces investigations into KPMG and PwC


    The U.K. Financial Reporting Council, an independent investigative body that monitors and enforces accounting standards, is looking into audits made of financial services companies in the days preceding the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, starting with a delve into the work of two key accountancy firms—KPMG and PwC. Paul Hodgson ...