AvePoint, a provider of enterprise-class Big Data management, governance, and compliance software solutions for next-generation social collaboration platforms, this month announced the general availability of AvePoint Compliance Guardian Service Pack (SP) 3. Compliance Guardian mitigates privacy, information security, and compliance risks across your information gateways with a comprehensive risk management process allowing organizations to document their policies, implement and measure them, and demonstrate conformance.

Compliance Guardian enables organizations to understand their current environment through data discovery and then allows organizations to build a culture of compliance in which the business can say what they do to protect sensitive data, do what they say, and prove that they have appropriate controls in place for its sensitive data.

Capabilities include:

Data Leakage Detection: Compliance staff are able to centrally monitor the status associated with any incident, as well as its associated risk levels to ensure critical violations are prioritized according to business need. Combined with action trend reports and detailed historical analysis, organizations will be able to track and manage incidents more efficiently to drive a successful risk management lifecycle.  

Data at Rest: AvePoint Compliance Guardian helps you discover dark data wherever it lives in your current IT environment through its extensible APIs. Compliance Guardian data repository scans are currently available out-of-the-box for file shares; databases; Web sites, applications, and Web-based systems; SharePoint; Cloud; and social platforms, including Microsoft Lync and Yammer.

Data Identification: Protect regulated and sensitive data from harmful leak or misuse with scheduled and real-time context-aware reporting and classification. This includes Fingerprinting, Compliance Guardian’s latest check type which allows administrators to use file patterns as test criteria in order to identify files that are identical or similar.

Lifecycle Approach

Compliance Guardian is designed to ensure that information is available and accessible to the people who should have it, and protected from the people who should not, by taking a comprehensive lifecycle approach.

Discover data across multiple information gateways in your enterprise to shed light on dark data and other potential sources of risk;

Scan content in motion or at rest against out-of-the-box or customized checks for a wide range of privacy, information assurance, operational security, sensitive security information, and accessibility requirements;

Drive enterprise classification and taxonomy with user-assisted and automated classification;

Take corrective action automatically to secure, delete, move, quarantine, encrypt, or redact risk defined content;

Enhance incident tracking and management with an integrated incident management system in addition to trend reports and historical analysis to measure your organization’s compliance improvements over time; and

Monitor data and systems on an ongoing basis to demonstrate and report on conformance across your enterprise wide information gateways and systems with one system that works where you work.