AvePoint, a software solutions provider, this week introduced the AvePoint Risk Intelligence System (ARIS), enabling organizations to address the complete lifecycle of risk across the enterprise.

Leveraging the templates and question banks created for the AvePoint Privacy Impact Assessment (APIA) system, ARIS extends risk identification to provide meaningful action to assessments, including quantifying, lowering, and monitoring instances.

With ARIS, organizations will be able to address the complete lifestyle of risk through the following functions:

Assess: Based upon the organization’s industry and geography, take inventory of sensitive information to learn specific compliance best practices to put in place. Derive answers from the privacy assessments created with APIA and identify where risk may live within an organization.

Validate: Prove how closely aligned the organization is with industry regulations and privacy impact assessments. Automatically generate reports to better understand where risk lives and quantify its impact to the business.

Control: Learn best practices for controlling risk and create checklists to guide IT to the right solutions. Protect sensitive information with controls for security, geography, retention, and classification—reducing risk across the enterprise.

Report: Provide executive reports on key performance indicators or key control indicators to highlight areas in the business that need to be addressed to reduce risk, or report on progress made throughout the lifecycle.