Software company Axway this month announced a new initiative to deliver "Analytics for Industries," a combination of analytics powered by Axway Decision Insight and expert best practices, to provide packaged dashboards tailored for specific industry processes. With this initiative, it is faster and easier for operations teams to make data-driven decisions to help optimize service levels, improve the customer experience, and increase revenue growth.

The Analytics for Industries offering enables organizations across various industry sectors to transform their traditional business operations into new digital services by turning massive amounts of data into real-time insight. With this solution, organizations can deploy enhanced shipping and logistics tracking, payments and securities processing, and pharmaceuticals monitoring, according to their present capabilities and future needs.

Analytics for Industries provides unique solutions for operation-focused teams across various industries, including:

Retail, logistics, and manufacturing: Provides end-to-end visibility to supply chain managers, enabling them to proactively identify and resolve processing issues such as stuck orders and delivery deadlines and reduce unnecessary same-day and next-day business shipments.

Payments and securities processing: Enables the automatic identification of unusual processing issues such as higher-than-expected volume of payments and failing straight-through processing (STP) routes. This also allows organizations to predict and reduce the risks of missing cut-offs by delivering actionable intelligence to payment and operations staff.

Pharmaceuticals monitoring: Improves compliance by helping organizations automatically learn customer profiles and order behaviors and identify suspicious orders or historical patterns before they are fulfilled or canceled.

More details may be found here.