Bank Regulations

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    Treasury report spotlights its regulatory reforms, reductions


    The Treasury Department this week released a new report “detailing its accomplishments in support of the President’s regulatory reform agenda.”

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    What would the regulators do?


    A recent Senate Banking Committee hearing on “Fostering Economic Growth” showed that regulators are not entirely opposed to a regulatory rollback. Their thoughts are inside.

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    Dodd-Frank reforms prevail in House; now what?


    The Financial CHOICE Act, a weapon of Dodd-Frank destruction, has advanced from the House of Representatives. Companies, regulators, and Congress now face the repercussions.

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    Glass-Steagall talk persists as Trump meets with community banks


    Even as President Trump was promising community bank executives regulatory relief, talk of a new Glass-Steagall Act sent bank stocks tumbling on Thursday.

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    Q&A: How financial institutions can help uncover human trafficking


    Human trafficking is an enormous problem that, in addition to the human toll, generates $38 billion per year in revenue for criminals. Joe Mont spoke to Micah Willbrand, anti-money laundering and financial crimes expert with NICE Actimize, about the financial patterns that can uncover human trafficking activity and what role ...

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    Federal Reserve rule addresses inter-bank lending


    The Federal Reserve Board has proposed a rule intended to address the risk associated with excessive credit exposures of large banking organizations to a single counterparty. Specifically, it addresses large credit exposures between financial institutions, a practice that led to financial instability during the Financial Crisis. The proposal would apply ...

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    Analyzing Your Risks in the Banking Sector


    Image: Now that the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates for the first time in seven years, it’s as good a time as any to worry about risks in the banking system; and thankfully two different regulators—the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the International Organizations of ...

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    Britain to be Exempted From EU’s Structural Reforms


    Britain will be cleared of EU reforms that drop the axe on risky trading activities among big banks. The draft law was presented Wednesday to the EU’s state ambassadors for review. If it receives their support, the proposed law will be passed on to Parliament on Friday for approval. ...

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    British Regulator Slaps Bank of Beirut With A Hefty Fine


    Image: Title: PhilippouBritish regulators are taking action after two former Bank of Beirut employees misled the Financial Conduct Authority about whether the bank had complied with orders to boost its financial crime protections. The bank was fined £2.1 million and is temporarily banned from “acquiring new customers from high-risk” locations. ...

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    EU Bankers Bristle Against ‘Unjustified’ Proposed Structural Changes


    Image: Jan. 14—Bankers in the European Union have received support for their continued opposition to the European Commission’s bid to mandate structural changes to the bloc’s biggest banks. The proposal would force some of the biggest banks to stop proprietary trading or split off certain trading activities from deposit-taking activities. ...