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    Basel Committee seeks comment on principles for operational resilience


    The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is seeking comment from the financial services industry on its proposed principles for operational resilience that aim to enhance banks’ ability to withstand, adapt to, and recover from potentially severe adverse events.

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    Groups propose new structure for global auditing standards


    A group of international regulators and financial institutions is proposing a new mechanism to set standards for auditing in global capital markets.

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    Basel AML index: countries still fall—sometimes severely—short


    The annual Basel Anti-Money Laundering Index, a ranking of 146 countries regarding money laundering risks, is out. The findings show that plenty of work on the issue remains to be done.

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    A plea to G20 leaders about systemic risk


    In a new letter to world leaders, the Systemic Risk Council is urging G20 countries to resist any pressure to weaken global financial reform measures.

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    Will Europe go it alone on financial regulation following Brexit? Don’t count on it


    It might seem logical for a post-Brexit European Union to follow a maverick regulatory path, but such a reality is more of a dream than a reality. Tim Sprinkle explains.

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    Basel Index finds slippage in AML efforts


    The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, an international consortium that develops banking standards, has issued its “Basel AML Index,” an annual ranking of country risk regarding money laundering and terrorism financing. The overall conclusion this year, says Joe Mont: A majority of countries fall short in the effective implementation and ...

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    FSB: Banks Must Devote Billions More to Capital Cushions


    The world’s largest banks would need to collectively add as much as $1.2 trillion to existing capital buffers due to a new rule issued on Monday by the Financial Stability Board. Its final Total Loss-Absorbing Capacity (TLAC) standard, applicable to designated global systemically important banks, is intended to assure that ...

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    Insurers Brace for International Capital Standards


    The International Association of Insurance Supervisors seeks to impose new capital standards upon systemically important insurance companies, echoing mandates from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The effort has irked the Financial Services Roundtable, which is urging U.S. regulators to oppose it. Who enforces any new standards is also unclear. ...

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    FDIC’s Hoenig Pitches Framework for Regulatory Relief


    Thomas Hoenig, vice chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, wants to see the regulatory burden for “traditional” banks eased, regardless of their asset size. Speaking on this week about a Congressional demand to identify outdated and unduly burdensome regulations he recommended that a bank be eligible for regulatory relief ...

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    Survey: Global Regulations Cost Some Financial Firms $500 Million


    More than half of large financial services firms with more than $40 billion in assets expect to invest at least $200 million—and some as much as $500 million—on projects to overhaul how they do business and address global structural reform regulations this year, according to a survey from global consultancy ...

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    Basel Pitches Bank Rules to Remedy Interest Rate Shocks


    The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, with a consultative document released on Monday, is seeking public comment on proposals regarding what measures large banks should take, and how much reserve capital they should hold, to weather interest rate risks. More inside.

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    Who Is the Most Systemic of Them All? JP Morgan


    Which large U.S. bank would cause the most collateral damage if it were to fail? JP Morgan, according to a new report from the Treasury Department. The report tried to quantify just how much systemic risk exists in banks designated as “Systemically Important Financial Institutions,” and JP Morgan topped the ...

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    Fed Seeks New Capital Requirements for Biggest Banks


    Image: Dec. 9—The Federal Reserve is proposing a new risk-based capital surcharge for the most systemically important firms. The proposed rule would implement a new methodology for determining “global systemically important” banks and increase mandated capital conservation buffers by as much as 4 percent. The proposal establishes five broad categories ...