BDO USA, an accounting and consulting organization, announced the launch of BDODrive, a new integrated solution for financial management, accounting services and tax compliance that provides clients with a real-time view of their business’s performance accessible anytime, anywhere on their laptop, tablet or phone. 

Powered by Microsoft and Intuit, BDODrive leverages leading-edge, cloud technology and security to bring a new level of efficiency and standardized best practices to outsourced finance and accounting services, while providing clients with access to a dedicated team of experienced professionals to provide analysis, identify opportunities, and collaborate on growth strategies.

“BDODrivefundamentally improves upon the traditional concept of business outsourcing,” said Kelly Johnson, partner and national practice leader for business services and outsourcing at BDO USA. “It gives clients the power of rich information, business intelligence and insight that enables them to operate more efficiently and effectively.”

“Through our customized dashboard, clients will enjoy access to a real-time, mobile view of their businesses performance, enabling them to make faster and better informed decisions.” Johnson said. “Most importantly, BDODriveis scalable to client needs as they move through their life cycle and clients receive counsel and insight from a dedicated team of BDO professionals.”

Some of the key features delivered through the BDODrive service offering are accounting and financial management, online payments, auto bank feeds and reconciliation, business data analytics, secure document management and customized reporting of key performance indicators delivered in real-time with 24/7 mobile access. Most important, all of these features are enhanced by the active involvement of experienced BDO professionals who assist clients in identifying opportunities and mitigating risk.