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    State AGs push for a beneficial ownership disclosure law


    A bipartisan group of 24 attorneys general is urging Congress to advance legislation improving the transparency of shell corporations by requiring them to disclose who controls and profits from their activities.

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    Post ‘Panama Papers,’ Treasury sets rulemaking agenda


    In the wake of the “Panama Papers” scandal, Treasury Department officials pledged a focus on issues related to shell companies and beneficial ownership. Making good on that promise, says Joe Mont, the agency has announced several actions, including: a customer due diligence final rule; proposed legislation on beneficial ownership, and ...

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    U.S. Failures to Track Beneficial Owners Create AML Headaches Internationally


    Image: Despite the forward march in Europe and elsewhere to fight money laundering, a problem remains: Here at the largest economy in the world, state incorporation laws in the United States create a massive loophole that bad actors can exploit. “It’s a huge problem not just for the United States ...

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    Britain Moves to Increase Corporate Transparency


    U.K. companies will soon be required to create a register of owners who hold “significant control” over a company and its assets. Under the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015, companies will have to create and maintain a database of information about their decision makers that can be accessed ...