Given the legal profession’s rolling state of uncertainty and change - fueled by budgetary pressures and intense pricing competition, disruptive technological advances, the rise of outsourcing and low cost centers, as well as competition from alternative legal service providers - library and information resource professionals find themselves in a state of transition, as they aim to integrate within the firm’s broader business plans and strategies.

Ark Group’s 11th annual Law Firm Library, Research, and Information Services conference will once again provide an ideal platform for discussion, debate, and skills development around the convergence and impact of technology and economics on evolving practice strategies and what this means to the law firm information professional.

Discussion topics and focal points of the forum will include

Developing a plan for (re)integrating and reimaging the library into the future business plan of the firm to put the library’s resources to greater use servicing the firm’s business needs

How traditional librarianship can transition into other management roles and functions within the law firm

An evaluation of a firm’s mobile application strategy for the library

Skill sets and competencies of the next generation of law librarians

How the library can best contribute to the law firm’s client intake process

Utilizing the library as a firm resource to assist firm attorneys in managing outside counsel guidelines

Law firms have always depended on library and information services to support the resource needs of its lawyers. However, we have grown from a narrow profession - managing print collections and serving associates - into strategic advisors, providing curated and personalized knowledge - supporting partners and business unit leaders with critical intelligence for decision making and client support.

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