Software solutions provider BMC and Qualys, a provider of cloud security and compliance solutions, last week announced the launch of a new solution to tie vulnerability information to automated remediation actions, dramatically reducing the window of vulnerability while simultaneously improving IT operational performance. 

The joint solution, Intelligent Compliance, addresses the gap through a combination of security and compliance audit data from Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) with the associated action from BMC BladeLogic Server Automation to remediate the vulnerability. 

Specifically, the new solution helps:

Reduce the window of exposure to vulnerabilities. Accelerate remediation of vulnerabilities through automation

Avoid downtime. Make remediation actions predictable and safe, minimizing both planned and unplanned outages

Increase speed and frequency of audits. Run automated audits as frequently as needed, or even on-demand, without impacting other operational activities.

Stay compliant with industry regulations. Take advantage of pre-built audit and remediation content for common policies

Lower the cost of audit and remediation. Automate actions that were previously manual.

On March 10, join BMC and Qualys for a webinar, Get Complete IT Compliance: Reduce Risk and Cost.