Brainloop, a provider of SaaS technology for the secure storage, collaboration, and exchange of confidential documents and files, announced that the ITAR-compliant Brainloop Secure Dataroom is now available for small to medium sized organizations. The ITAR Quick Start program will extend the same enterprise-grade functionality and benefits of Brainloop’s ITAR-compliant solution to smaller organizations with a risk-free one-month trial and other SMB-specific terms.

The ITAR-compliant Brainloop Secure Dataroom is the first and, to date, only full function, public cloud document storage and collaboration solution for highly sensitive ITAR technical data. It enables administrators to bar inadvertent, unintentional and malicious exports of ITAR data. To extend these benefits to SMB companies, Brainloop has instituted a Quick Start Program for its ITAR solution.

The ITAR-compliant Brainloop Secure Dataroom solution also includes systemic monitoring, tamper-proof auditing trails, user and document access controls and reporting protocols to record initial, ongoing and continual compliance with ITAR. The solution—from initial implementation to installation, support, maintenance and updating—is available to U.S. companies for ITAR-defined U.S. persons and precludes any non-intended access, involvement or control by non-U.S. persons. All hosting is within U.S. borders.