Capria Solutions, a provider of business automation software, this month announced the launch of LogicGate, a business process management platform that enables the rapid creation and customization of business applications by non-technical users. The software allows employees to automate common tasks and build repeatable processes so they can focus on what really drives their business.

“Far too many companies are using outdated processes which rely on paper forms, hundreds of emails, and redundant, manual steps,” said Matt Kunkel, president of Capria Solutions. “By relying on these inefficient workflows, employees and leadership alike are causing their company more than just lost productivity and opportunity costs. Costly government fines and compliance violations are wreaking havoc on organizations. LogicGate aims to change how companies manage this risk and allows them to operate in a more effective and efficient manner.”

Leveraging a robust rules and workflow engine, the LogicGate platform can be configured to solve virtually any business challenge that involves people, process, and data. Capria has also developed out-of-the-box configurations of LogicGate for rapid deployment of solutions to some of the most common regulatory, legal, risk and compliance issues, such as e-discovery review, regulatory change management, incident management, gift and entertainment tracking and approval and policy and procedure management. LogicGate’s workflow automation helps eliminate bottlenecks, increase process innovation, and reduce human errors.