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    FASB adopts eight new cash flow classification rules


    After years of nebulous guidance around three major issues of cash flow statements—operating, investing, and financing—FASB is making major clarifications. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    Deadline Nears to Weigh in on New Operating Activities Presentation


    Image: FASB has issued three sets of frequently asked questions about its proposal to alter the presentation of financial statements for not-for-profits. The proposal would “dramatically change” several areas of reporting, especially around operating activities, says Beth Paul, a partner with PwC. “Given FASB has similar projects on the agenda ...

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    FASB Shifts Gears on Cash-Flow Classification Issues


    Image: FASB has asked its Emerging Issues Task Force to dig into nine specific cash-flow issues to see if it can suggest some changes to existing guidance to make this area of accounting more straightforward. “We’re going to continue with the project, but change the dynamic,” said FASB Chairman Russ ...

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    SEC Nudges Companies on Cash Flows


    The SEC is urging companies to tighten accounting procedures around the statement of cash flows, amid a steady rise in restatements associated with it. Speaking at the national AICPA conference earlier this month, SEC staffer Kirk Crews said the majority of errors were “due to relatively less complex applications” of ...