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    The science of compliance


    Carrie Penman of NAVEX Global uses her background as a scientist to forge an unconventional, and highly successful career in ethics & compliance, writes Bill Coffin.

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    Post-Investigation Follow-Up and Discipline at 3M


    Image: What role should compliance officers have in investigations and discipline? How can they maintain independence during an investigation and subsequent sanctions decisions, while developing an effective strategy for what happens next? We talked to Jim Zappa, chief compliance officer at 3M Corp. about his approach. Zappa will be among ...

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    Separation Conundrum: Should Compliance Be Independent of Legal?


    Image: Title: RubinDespite the ongoing push for companies to separate the compliance and legal functions, giving chief compliance officers greater independence than they might otherwise enjoy while reporting to the general counsel, not everyone agrees it’s the only way to go. “I don’t think there is a right or wrong ...