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  • Cigna

    DOJ intervenes in lawsuit against Cigna alleging Medicare fraud


    Cigna created a home visit program for Medicare patients that artificially inflated government payments by intentionally incorrectly diagnosing tens of thousands of patients with serious illnesses, the Department of Justice charged in an intervenor complaint.

  • Blog

    Theranos appoints chief compliance officer


    Amid a heap of regulatory trouble, start-up life sciences company Theranos announced the appointment of two new executives to lead the company’s regulatory, quality and compliance efforts, including naming a chief compliane officer. The company also created a new compliance and quality committee. Jaclyn Jaeger has the details.

  • Blog

    Theranos’ health takes a turn for the worse


    The health of ailing biotech start-up Theranos continues to decline, as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services imposed numerous sanctions on the firm following a review last year of its laboratory operations that uncovered numerous compliance violations. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.