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    Do CEOs have enough skin in the game?


    A push may be coming to re-examine stock ownership guidelines with an eye toward increasing holding requirements.

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    Study: CEO pay had lowest increase since financial crisis


    Total median CEO pay, excluding pensions, at large capital U.S. companies grew just 3.9 percent, the lowest increase since the financial crisis of 2008. That’s the conclusion drawn in a new study by ISS Corporate Solutions, a subsidiary of Institutional Shareholder Services, a leading proxy advisory firm.

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    Buffett vs. Zuckerberg: Does CEO age matter to investors?


    Plenty of research supports the notion of mandatory retirement age for board members, but what about MRPs for CEOs? Does imposing an age limit on top executives really drive better long-term organizational performance? Shareholders, it turns out, seem to prefer experience to youth.

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    Global risks driving transformational change


    As risk management in general improves, we are seeing more CEOs embracing risk management as a concept and as a practice. But we also see misdirected focus and lack of attention to some of the greatest risks and opportunities facing their companies. Where companies are getting it right, they’re driving ...