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    ISACA issues COBIT 2019 to help reboot IT governance


    ISACA has updated its COBIT framework and issued some accompanying guidance to help companies refresh their information and technology governance.

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    Frustrating Risk With the Right Internal Control Framework


    Image: As cyber-security and IT controls rise up the priority list in corporate audits, a new wrinkle is emerging: numerous frameworks (COSO, NIST, CoBIT) used by numerous parties, all trying to build effective control systems. That could lead to painful detours in mapping controls, if compliance executives don’t plan carefully. ...

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    IT Experts Offer Updated Guidance on IT Controls


    Image: Companies struggling with information technology controls may gain tips from ISACA’s new guidance on scoping and assessment ideas for IT-related aspects of the COSO framework. “This latest guide will help professionals align with these changes in the industry,” said Ken Vander Wal, former ISACA president.