Comensure, a provider of a real-time, cloud-based, and collaborative platform for managing and measuring governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) activities, announced the availability of patent-pending Comensure GRC.

Quick to deploy with an intuitive user interface, Comensure GRC allows businesses of all sizes to easily and comprehensively manage complex regulatory and internal compliance and reporting requirements through a single, configurable application that provides a complete picture of an organization’s compliance status in real-time.

Designed and built by compliance experts, Comensure GRC streamlines workflows for essential financial, regulatory and operational processes, automates critical and repetitive compliance and assurance tasks, and standardizes and automates reporting. As a cloud-based platform that can be accessed anywhere—on laptops, tablets and smartphones—Comensure GRC eliminates version control issues and reduces costly errors that can result in fines and penalties.

Comensure GRC includes the following benefits, among others:

All business processes, risks, and controls for both external and internal requirements are housed in one application, enabling multiple compliance frameworks to be monitored and implemented simultaneously;

The ability to manage five major business governance activities— Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance, ERM, internal audit, regulatory compliance, and operational compliance/business process optimization—in one place;

Scalable and flexible for organizations of all sizes, fully configurable to specific compliance requirements, and is versatilie for a wide variety of functions, activities, and users;

Presents a complete picture of an organization’s compliance status in real-time; all compliance requirements and activities are codified and quantified, and reporting is standardized and automated;

Enables users to own their data, and data is easily exported for analytics and sharing with outside parties and third parties; and

An easy-to-use tool with organization-wide visibility that allows active participation in and management of the compliance process across the entire organization and instills ownership of controls;

Comensure GRC is a particularly useful tool for businesses operating in industries with fast-changing and onerous requirements, as well as new industries with growing regulations.

“For everyone from the board room to the mail room, Comensure GRC is an easy-to-use platform that replaces the traditional, fragmented approach to compliance via spreadsheets,” said Comensure CEO Nick Bednorz. “By managing all business processes, risks, and controls for both external and internal compliance requirements in one application, Comensure GRC consolidates and simplifies the compliance process and allows active participation in and management of compliance across the entire organization. It’s a platform for creating enterprise-wide visibility of compliance and risk that ultimately reduces the overall costs of compliance and adds unparalleled transparency.”