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    8 compliance challenges facing European companies in coronavirus crisis


    Due diligence, data, solvency, and supply chain management risks are just some of the issues Europe’s employers are struggling with as normal business has come to a standstill during the coronavirus pandemic.

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    Vestager says fearsome rep ‘undeserved’


    European Commissioner for Competition Magrethe Vestager talks on competition law, cartels, corporate whistleblowers, compliance, and the Commission’s reputation.

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    Cartel enforcement: all the rage in Europe


    What happens when big companies engage in cartel-esque behaviour? Neil Hodge offers some tips on how to avoid the fate of firms gone bad.

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    New U.K. Law Introduces U.S.-Style Class Actions


    Image: A change in British law is bringing American-style class-action lawsuits in cases where companies violate competition laws—something U.S. companies operating in Britain should keep in mind when implementing strategies to reduce antitrust risks. “It’s anticipated that there will be a lot more litigation in English courts going forward because ...