As many as 143 million people may be affected by the Equifax data breach, potentially exposing names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some cases, driver’s license numbers. While we don’t yet know how this breach occurred or what the long-term damages will be, it’s no secret that human error from even a single employee can cause a multitude of issues for organizations. True Office Learning data shows that 38% of employees can’t identify how to classify and manage confidential information, but prevention is possible by measuring employee decisions with Pulse to see how they may navigate real-life situations.

Pulse is True Office Learning’s compliance training solution. It not only provides adaptive, scenario-based learning experiences, it’s a tool to uncover employee behavior intelligence.

43% of employees don’t know the proper way to store confidential information while traveling.

99% of employees know that a private setting is the appropriate place to discuss confidential information.

33% of employees can’t identify what about a call from the IT helpdesk requesting login information signaled a potential social engineering attempt.

True Office Learning now has more than 3 million employees globally who have completed Pulse training on an array of risk topics, including confidential information and computer security. See how Pulse Analytics can give you unmatched insight into employee decisions in our latest Pulse Confidential Information & Computer Security aggregate data report.

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