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    FASB plans to distinguish liabilities from equity


    The FASB plans to distinguish liabilities from equity in financial statements to make the accounting rules less complex and easier to understand.

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    FASB’s new consolidation guidance lays off indirect interests


    FASB’s new consolidation guidance is meant to help companies better determine whether a particular entity should be consolidated to financial statements. More from Tammy Whitehouse.

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    FASB proposes another tweak to consolidation rules


    Even as new rules on consolidation take hold in 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board is proposing a tweak to the guidance, and it might propose more change in the future. Tammy Whitehouse has more.

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    The new VIE evaluation process is here, but what does it really change?


    Image: With yet another change in the guidance on when a company needs to consolidate a particular entity onto its balance sheet, all public companies need to walk through a new evaluation process in the first quarter, even if it doesn’t change the outcome. “It is a thicket,” says Adam ...

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    Consolidation Rule’s Consequences More Than You Expect


    Image: A new rule on consolidating entities into a parent company’s financial statements might reach well beyond the original problem it aimed to fix. Financial reporting executives should prepare to take inventory of the entities in your enterprise and see how they may need to roll onto the balance sheet. ...

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    FASB Finalizes New Consolidation Guidance


    Image: The Financial Accounting Standards Board has finished some targeted improvements to the accounting requirements around consolidations, or the rules around when a company must add another entity to its financial statements because it controls the business. “This new standard simplifies consolidation accounting by reducing the number of consolidation models, ...

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    SEC Cautions Companies on Consolidation Analyses


    Image: The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking closely at who consolidates a variable interest entity, noticing variations in how companies apply existing guidance. Professional Accounting Fellow Christopher Rogers said at a recent conference that staff is looking into issues surrounding the application of shared power, determining when a decision ...

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    FASB Kicks Consolidation Standard Out to 2015


    Image: Title: GoldenCompanies will not have a final new accounting standard on consolidation by the end of 2014, despite earlier indications from the Financial Accounting Standards Board that the standard would be completed by year’s end. According to FASB, numerous issues remain to be analyzed, a handful of which could ...