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    Third-party cybersecurity monitoring: Tips for keeping vendors honest


    A continuous monitoring cybersecurity strategy for third-party risks goes a long way toward proactively identifying external vulnerabilities. At CW’s virtual Cyber Risk & Data Privacy Summit, a panel of experts shared leading practices.

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    CPE Webcast: Continuous monitoring — the key to effective TPRM

    2021-06-01T14:00:00Z Provided by

    Third-party risk management has always been a challenging area for risk and compliance professionals, never more so than today. As the global economy rebounds, third-party risk has taken on new dimensions.

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    Continuous monitoring to continuous improvement


    To continuously improve a compliance program, the compliance team should apply a consistent set of protocols, checks, and controls tailored to the company’s risks. Tom Fox offers some guidance on how to do just that.

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    Continuous improvement through ongoing monitoring


    Your compliance program should use ongoing monitoring to both evaluate and improve your regime going forward. And, writes Tom Fox, don't forget to: document, document, document.

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    Podcast: PayPal on Fraud Detection, Continuous Monitoring


    Image: In the latest edition of the Compliance Week podcast, we chat with Hui Wang, senior director of global risk sciences at PayPal, about security and anti-fraud efforts at the online payment processor and the company’s homegrown system for continuous risk monitoring.

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    Revisiting Financial IT for Better Monitoring, Testing, Compliance


    A funny thing happened on the way to the Shangri-La of automated monitoring and testing: It didn’t happen—at least, not yet. Advanced IT to improve monitoring and testing exists, but integrating those solutions into corporate data warehouses and business operations is harder than first thought. Inside, a look at how ...