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    The law is taking a bite out of the Gig Economy


    A spate of recent court decisions underscores the ongoing erosion of the Gig Economy’s model of independent contractors free from benefits, protections, or obligations.

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    Texas court blocks ‘blacklisting’ rule for federal contractors


    A federal court in Texas has agreed to an emergency injunction that halts implementation of a so-called contractor “blacklisting” rule requiring that federal contractors disclose labor law violations. Joe Mont reports.

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    New rule requires sick pay for government contractors


    A new rule issued by the Department of Labor will require federal contractors to provide paid sick leave to employees who work on, or in connection, with government contracts. Joe Mont reports.

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    Human Trafficking Lawsuits Expose Companies to Greater Supply Chain Risk


    Image: While you were worrying about conflict minerals, class-action lawsuits over cat food and shrimp cocktail have emerged as the new compliance risk. Suits against Nestlé and Costco both claim the companies used shrimp produced using slave labor in Thailand. What’s more, plaintiffs are using required supply chain disclosures from ...

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    New ‘Blacklisting’ Rules Have Contractors in Uproar


    Image: Uncle Sam is poised to impose sweeping new reporting obligations on government contractors to disclose labor law violations for the prior three years. Trade associations are spitting nails over the rules, but meanwhile, compliance officers have yet another reporting risk that needs process and attention. “You don’t want a ...