Cordium, a global provider of compliance consulting and software solutions to the financial services industry, has announced the launch of a new social media review service. Cordium’s compliance consulting team has historically offered social media reviews to its clients as part of its broader compliance consulting program, but this is the first time that the service will exist as its own stand-alone offering.

“As the use of social media becomes more commonplace, it is of paramount importance for a firm to demonstrate that it is properly supervising employees and seeking to mitigate any regulatory and reputational risk arising from its usage of social media,” Bill Mulligan, CEO of Cordium U.S. and Cordium Software, said in a statement.

Cordium’s social media review service offers a solution to assist firms in adequately monitoring social media profiles and content that are publicly available. The service line will include a team of experienced researchers trained to identify information that may result in business and reputational harm; consistent approach to searching publically available social media profiles and content; prompt reporting of any problematic or derogatory posts; and searches for breaches to a firm’s social media and confidentiality policies.