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    SFO faces criticism for closing Rolls-Royce, GSK cases


    The U.K. Serious Fraud Office closed two long-running bribery and corruption cases against Rolls-Royce and GlaxoSmithKline—a decision that casts further doubt around the effectiveness of the SFO’s investigatory powers and makes companies question the purpose of entering a deferred prosecution agreement at all.

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    SFO: Former Petrofac executive pleads guilty in bribery case


    A former executive of Petrofac pleaded guilty this week to bribery offenses in connection with an ongoing investigation by the U.K. Serious Fraud Office into the oilfield services company and its subsidiaries.

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    U.K. government further tightens AML net


    A reform package introduced recently by the U.K. government aims to increase transparency and tackle corruption in limited partnerships.

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    Compliance measures for reducing export-corruption risk


    A recent study from corruption watchdog Transparency International rates countries on their enforcement processes, or lack thereof, under the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.

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    ING reaches $900M settlement with Dutch authorities


    Global financial institution ING announced Tuesday that it has reached a $900 million settlement with Dutch authorities to resolve its money laundering case. A close reading of the enforcement action offers numerous lessons for compliance and risk officers.

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    Microsoft offers details into reported corruption probe


    According to the Wall Street Journal, U.S. authorities are investigating Microsoft over a bribery and corruption matter in Hungary, some details of which the company shared with Compliance Week.

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    A free press and the fight against bribery and corruption


    One the day newspapers across the country are fighting back against President Trump's insistence that the media is an "enemy," we point out one of the many compliance-related benefits of a free press.

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    Global accountants get new ethics rule on incentive payments


    Accountants globally have new rules to follow around offering or accepting inducements, and they’re a little more explicitly stated than those for U.S. accountants.

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    What is the cost of a subpoena?


    Glencore has seen a drop in its share price, which could be related to the Justice Department having issued a subpoena for possible FCPA violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, and Venezuela.

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    Check your Hermès handbags and bank accounts


    The scope of the corruption that befell 1MDB funds continues to widen, with an investigation uncovering a staggering amount of loot from the home of former Prime Minister Najib Razak. For companies doing business in or with Malaysia, now is the time to make sure all operations are free from ...

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    Mergers and corporate culture


    Big mergers are in the news, with the union of telecom giant AT&T and vast multimedia firm Time Warner and Comcast’s $65 billion bid for 21st Century Fox being just two examples. With the recent Justice Department emphasis on corporate culture, it will be interesting to see what this season ...

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    Condos, corruption, and compliance


    While President Trump promised condos in North Korea as a part of his negotiations with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un, it doesn’t mean companies will have an easy time doing business in the country, which ranked as “highly corrupt,” on the 2017 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index.

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    Dem Senators grill CEOs over payments to Trump attorney


    A team of Senate Democrats is demanding answers and information from two companies that paid President Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen “substantial payments” through a shell company while both had business pending before the administration.

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    Autonomy verdict and FCPA defenses


    A recent case involving Autonomy and Hewlett-Packard shows that it is not the bribe receiver’s conduct but the bribe payor’s conduct that matters.

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    The BSGR saga continues


    The latest chapter of this real-life page-turner was the World Bank’s recent ruling against a mining company in the continuing legal dispute to strip its concession for the Simandou region in Guinea.

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    My Compliance Library: 'China's Crony Capitalism'


    In China’s Crony Capitalism, we see a system that is endemically corrupt and nearly impossible to reform. Richard Bistrong explores the 2016 novel by Minxin Pei.

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    What does tone from the top really mean?


    Is Novartis really answering to the recent allegations that have been brought against the company, or is the chairman just paying lip service?

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    March Madness and corruption


    March Madness is looked at as one of the greatest sporting events of the year. It combines great play, underdogs felling giants, fantastic venues, devoted fans, and competition galore ... but this year it offers something else: an abject lesson in the failure of ethical conduct of the very institutions ...

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    South Africa reminds the FCPA covers political parties


    For any company doing business in South Africa, all your contacts with the African National Congress have FCPA implications; This means all the investigations you might be performing for contracts with the South African government, anything associated with the Gupta family or state-owned enterprises, should be assessed for ANC contacts ...

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    The end of the compliance defense debate


    Over the years, there has been a siren’s call for the addition of a compliance defense to the FCPA. It’s time to send the so-called “compliance defense” packing.