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    New Zealand’s financial regulator to financial services firms: Culture is lacking


    New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority, the government agency responsible for financial regulation, on Aug. 9 set out its work plan for the year ahead, as the conduct and culture of the country's financial services industry comes under increased scrutiny.

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    Mergers and corporate culture


    Big mergers are in the news, with the union of telecom giant AT&T and vast multimedia firm Time Warner and Comcast’s $65 billion bid for 21st Century Fox being just two examples. With the recent Justice Department emphasis on corporate culture, it will be interesting to see what this season ...

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    Emerging companies a compliance quandary in global market


    How do you build an effective anti-corruption compliance program in emerging markets? Know their culture, customs, and language; then leverage that knowledge to create trust and on-the-ground adherents, advised panelists at the Compliance Week 2018 conference.

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    Creating a culture open to change


    In this latest installment of the GRC Illustrated Series, OCEG and Compliance Week explore ways to help companies combat resistance to a change in corporate culture.

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    Compliance tone at the bottom


    Even with a great tone-at-the-top and in the middle, you cannot stop. One of the greatest challenges of a compliance practitioner is how to affect the “tone at the bottom.”

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    PCAOB ponders plateau, calls on firms to dig deeper


    With PCAOB inspection results hitting a plateau, how can auditors be held accountable for better audit quality? Amid allegations of fraud and conspiracy, is culture a factor?

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    Compliance insights from a massive trading loss


    Kweku Adoboli is the former UBS trader who took positions that led the firm to sustain a $2.3 billion dollar loss—as he dryly noted, “for which I took responsibility in September 2011—and to my eventual imprisonment.” What are the cultural lessons for compliance?

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    Mending ethics and compliance gaps in EMEA and APAC companies


    While many companies place a high importance on creating an ethical culture, their ethics & compliance priorities for the coming year seem strangely out of step.

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    Uber and corporate culture


    Does a company have to behave ethically to succeed? Perhaps not, as the recent ethical failures of Uber suggest. The company could be in hot water over its Greyball program, designed to thwart sting operations intended to catch Uber violating any taxi terms of services regulations.

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    3 ways audit committees can rein in corporate culture


    After another banking scandal, heads are turning to the audit committee for answers. Tammy Whitehouse reports on how audit committees can fix errant corporate culture.

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    U.K. debate on corporate culture rolls on


    U.K. corporate culture has remained largely unchanged since the financial crisis, but a variety of forces are aiming to change that, and soon. Neil Hodge reports.

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    Living in glass houses can be a good thing


    A recent visit by CW Editor Bill Coffin to a building with no solid walls, and a chance encounter with one of the world’s wealthiest people offered a compelling case for the pursuit of transparency in both the literal and figurative sense.

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    The cost of integrity


    Image: At the Global Ethics Summit, GE General Counsel and SVP Alex Dimitrief talked about what it means to promote a culture of integrity and the true costs of ethical lapses. When a business goes astray, it’s not a call for added workflows or approvals, he said. It’s a sign ...

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    Putting FINRA’s priorities into practice


    The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s full court press on addressing emerging and existing risks in the securities industry will continue to intensify in 2016, reinforced by a steady surge in restitution, disciplinary actions, and bars and suspensions over the last five years. What are FINRA’s top regulatory and examination priorities, ...

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    FINRA: establishing and implementing cultural values


    The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority issued new guidance on what firms will be expected to discuss regarding their firm’s cultural values. FINRA plans to meet with business, compliance, legal, and risk executives to discuss how to communicate and reinforce values. “We are particularly interested in how your firm measures compliance ...

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    How internal audit can help drive corporate culture


    Traditional notions of audit are focused on verifying quantified data, but can audit provide that same benefit in the ether space of business, verifying the presence or absence of intangible characteristics? The internal audit profession is starting to believe it is possible, and its leaders are calling on audit executives ...

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    Volkswagen: A lesson in implicit versus explicit rules and regulations


    As uncertainty swirls around what Volkswagen executives knew or did not know about the company’s emissions cheating, this much seems certain: To achieve accountability going forward, Volkswagen executives must commit to creating a corporate culture in which employees and executives follow the same codes of conduct. Inside, guest columnist JTI ...

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    Why All the Fuss Over Culture?


    We hear a great deal about corporate culture and its relevance to such matters as internal control, risk management, whether to pursue a merger or acquisition, and the effect on regulators’ investigations and enforcement actions. It seems we can’t get away from hearing about it, and we begin to wonder ...

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    Marrying Compliance Culture to Compliance Behavior


    Image: A study by the Cranfield School of Management has identified five key concepts for companies to employ toward effective risk management. In a nutshell: anticipate problems; have adequate resources; flow information to the board; respond quickly to any incidents; and learn from the past. CW’s Tom Fox has more ...

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    Aligning the Organization for Principled Performance


    Management must align objectives to the organizations’s business environment and internal culture, but what does alignment really mean? In this latest installment of the GRC Illustrated Series, brought to you by Compliance Week and OCEG, experts discuss alignment in the context of GRC and keeping the company on the right ...