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    e-Book: Companies still wrestle with data privacy regulation

    2020-09-15T04:15:00Z Provided by

    This e-Book offers results from a recent Compliance Week and OpenText survey exploring why companies are still struggling with California Consumer Privacy Act compliance. 

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    e-Book: Data privacy enters age of Coronavirus

    2020-05-12T19:36:00Z Provided by

    Compliance with specific regulations—such as the California Consumer Privacy Act—has taken a back seat during the coronavirus pandemic to more pressing concerns, including videoconference pitfalls, making sure remote workers are operating securely, and coronavirus disclosure.

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    Webcast: How plaintiffs weaponize CCPA and privacy laws

    2020-03-26T14:32:00Z Provided by

    You’re in charge of mitigating risk and protecting your organization. But how do you develop the best strategy when you aren’t sure what your opponents’ plans are? Understand how to develop a strategy that meets compliance regulations, while mitigating inevitable legislation.