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    Survey: Automating entity management greatly reduces compliance risk


    A new study from Compliance Week and Diligent finds that many companies are still using unsecure and inefficient entity management processes, leaving them vulnerable to compliance risk.

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    Delete your accounts. All of them


    The porous nature of data security is worse than we thought. Maybe the only way for anyone to really secure their digital presence is to destroy it.

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    Expanded Micro Focus portfolio delivers better threat detection, security


    Following its spin-merge with HPE Software, Micro Focus, a global enterprise software company, recently announced new innovations across its expanded security portfolio.

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    KnowBe4 releases weak password test tool


    IT security company KnowBe4 recently announced the release of Weak Password Test (WPT), a free tool for organizations that use Active Directory.

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    ‘Being data compliant does not equate to having data security’


    Protecting your data involves more than simply following the paper program rules and regulations—you actually must focus on data security.

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    Some key cyber-security tips for financial firms


    As the SEC and FINRA are taking cyber-security much more seriously, John Reed Stark outlines a few ways in which financial firms can also do more to protect their data.

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    Global business in Trump’s protectionist era


    Trump’s election, Brexit, and failed trade agreements herald a new era of protectionism, but only strong regulations can deal with data protection and tax evasion, writes Nick Henderson.

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    New York’s proposed cyber-security compliance challenge


    Starting in January, strict new rules form the Empire State will require compliance officers to make sure their organizations make the grade when it comes to data protection. More from Todd Taylor.

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    Better cyber-security through better cyber-compliance training


    The Achilles’ heel of every cyber-security program is compliance. Javvad Malik offers some tips on how the right kind of training can fix that.

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    Fending off executive impersonation schemes


    Everybody thinks they would never fall for an obvious cyber-scam … until they do. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

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    Machine Learning capabilities drive new Splunk products


    Splunk, a software platform provider for real-time operational intelligence, has released several new versions of its suite of Splunk products: Splunk Enterprise, Splunk IT Service Intelligence, Splunk Enterprise Security, and Splunk User Behavior Analytics. Available on-premises or in the cloud, the newest versions of Splunk solutions leverage machine learning to ...

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    There simply are not enough cyber-security specialists


    Companies need to get much more aggressive when it comes to recruiting the right talent to head their cyber-security efforts, writes John Reed Stark.

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    Rapid7 Nexpose Now offers live exposure management


    Rapid7, a provider of security data and analytics solutions, announced Rapid7 Nexpose Now, a major enhancement to its vulnerability management solution that gives customers access to live risk and exposure updates as IT environments change.

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    Cyber-security due diligence: a new imperative


    Weak cyber-security is as much a hallmark of corporate mismanagement as poor corporate governance, bad tone from the top, and check-the-box compliance. But by taking the due diligence aspects of cyber-security seriously, compliance officers can turn data protection into an opportunity. John Reed Stark has more.

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    Preparing for a HIPAA compliance audit


    The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights has officially kicked off its second phase of audits for covered entities and their business associates to review compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s privacy, security, and breach notification rules. CW’s Jaclyn Jaeger says healthcare CCOs ...

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    Healthcare, ransomware, and effective cyber-security hygiene


    Imagine this: You’re a large healthcare provider whose staff is having trouble accessing vital records in your hospital’s computer network. Your IT department begins an immediate investigation and determines the cause to be a malware attack. Worse yet, the attackers are demanding ransom to obtain the decryption key. How do ...

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    EU, U.S. Agree on New Safe Harbor Framework


    The European Union and the United States have agreed on a new framework that will allow for trans-Atlantic data flows between Europe and the United States. The new arrangement will provide stronger obligations on U.S. companies to protect the personal data of Europeans and stronger monitoring and enforcement by the ...

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    Internal Controls Trump New Rules in List of Worries, KPMG Finds


    According to a recent KPMG poll, continued pressure on internal control over financial reporting is the most pressing concern for financial reporting executives. Nearly one-third of 400 respondents, or 31 percent, said internal controls are at the top of their worry list beyond their basic financial reporting responsibilities. One-fourth, or ...

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    Cloud Security Is a Challenge for Users and Providers


    As more cloud storage providers evolve from consumer-based products to enterprise-grade services, compliance challenges are evolving along with them. Before entering into a service contract, companies must determine whether their data will be safe and all is in compliance with a growing list of regulations and security frameworks. The added ...

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    Managing Cyber-Risk in the Aviation Industry


    Cyber-risks are increasing everywhere, and this week we look specifically at the aerospace sector. Recent high-profile data breaches at major airlines have jolted the industry, which is trying to piece together better ways to manage the risks. “Airplanes themselves have never been more complex, never been more reliant on technology. ...