OutsideIQ, a developer of innovative cognitive solutions, has launched its DDIQ corporate due diligence product specifically to help businesses meet the guidelines of the new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) anti-bribery standard, ISO 37001.

DDIQ produces an automated due diligence report that businesses can use to evaluate discovered risks that can be immediately used to make key decisions. With the growing number of data sources available, the product’s cognitive computing engine searches thousands of international structured and unstructured sources to cut through false positives and accurately flag potential risk issues on a subject. It is being used today by leading financial institutions, insurance companies and multinational companies

across the globe operating in heavily regulated environments.

DDIQ has been programmed to think like an investigator and automatically flags risks in an auditable report. The technology also has a monitoring feature which reviews risk on an ongoing basis vs. one-point-in-time. This means if an issue occurred overnight

with a vendor, supplier or account holder, the compliance team would have this information in the form of a risk alert when they arrive at the office. Rather than continue to do highly manual research, screen shot capture and PDF creation for auditability, compliance staff review the DDIQ automated report and make more informed decisions about that flagged risk immediately.

The following are product features of DDIQ:

Ancillary searches on key stakeholders. Due diligence is automatically conducted on officers and directors of review company entities and any found risks on these subjects will be included in the DDIQ company report for review and adjudication.

International, multi-language and jurisdictional due diligence. DDIQ has the ability to search for risk in more than 48 languages and continuously adds international sources and new language translation capabilities, automatically expanding the scope of its due diligence based on the information it learns about the third party.

More advanced investigation than a Google search and watchlist screen. DDIQ’s machine learning algorithm searches thousands of international structured and unstructured sources, investigating and analyzing the open web and deep web for anything relevant published about the third party.

On-going risk monitoring. DDIQ automates regular scanning of the open web for new risks on your subject so compliance teams can make more informed decisions. All content is presented in comprehensive categories with a full audit trail of the investigation.