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    Even with relief, intercompany debt rules still pack a punch


    Final tax regulations on intercompany debt provide some relief, but companies still face a heavy uphill climb to achieve the documentation requirements. Tammy Whitehouse explores.

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    FASB prepares new rule on debt classification


    True to its word, the Financial Accounting Standards Board is preparing to issue a proposal meant to simplify how companies would be required to classify debt in the balance sheet. Tammy Whitehouse has more.

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    Congress presses Treasury for relief on Section 385 proposal


    Ranking Republicans are pressing the U.S. Treasury to rework its fast-tracked, inversion-attacking proposal that would assign debt treatment to common corporate transactions. Tammy Whitehouse has more.

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    CFPB winds down summer with flurry of rulemaking


    Perhaps clearing its plate before November’s elections, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has cranked out a variety of rules, proposed rules, and amendments to rules in recent days. Joe Mont looks at what’s next on the agenda.

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    The Popularity, and Peril, of Structured Payable Programs


    Image: Structured payable programs have become increasingly popular in recent years as companies and their lenders search for new ways to access working capital. But according to Robert Rostan, CFO and principal at education firm Training The Street, such arrangements could turn short-term accounts payable into longer-term debt that requires ...

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    CFPB Considers Ban on Mandatory Arbitration Clauses


    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is moving forward with new rules that would prohibit the mandatory arbitration clauses in contracts that banks, credit card companies, and others rely upon to prevent consumers from pursuing lawsuits. A variety of recommendations, published this week for public comment, are the results of a ...

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    Four Years On, Firms Still Struggle With CFPB Compliance


    What have we learned in the four years the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been on the beat? For starters, it’s aggressive, returning $10 billion so far to consumers through enforcement actions. A solid understanding of the CFPB’s compliance program expectations remains elusive, and the mood among firms in the ...

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    A Debt Is Owed, No Matter How You Want to Account for It


    Image: Even the simplest accounting issues, it seems, can be anything but simple. Rulemakers were reminded of that recently when they tried to simplify how companies account for the cost of securing debt. “Most people get confused by it,” says Diana Gilbert of RoseRyan. “People get wrapped around the axle ...

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    SEC Weighs In on New Debt Cost Presentation Guidance


    The SEC is signaling a solution to companies struggling with how to reflect certain debt issuance costs under new guidance from the Financial Accounting Standards Board. During a recent meeting, the Commission acknowledged that FASB’s update doesn’t provide guidance on costs related to debt arrangements. Details inside.