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    FASB Proposes Changes to Pension Accounting, Disclosures


    For companies that still carry defined benefit pension plans, FASB is proposing an update to accounting standards to require companies to separate the service cost from other components of the net benefit cost for purposes of presenting it in financial statements. The proposal outlines specific guidance on how to break ...

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    FASB Issues New Rules, Proposals on Narrow Areas of GAAP


    The Financial Accounting Standards Board has been busy the past few weeks pushing out some narrowly focused changes to accounting standards that address earnings per share, fair value measurement, intangible assets, and compensation, not to mention additional proposals involving liabilities associated with gift cards, hedging for energy concerns, and benefit ...

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    Companies Need to Consider New Mortality Data in Pension Costs


    Companies that sponsor retirement plans have some new, hard-to-ignore information to consider that promises to increase the cost of their plans. The Society of Actuaries has released updated mortality tables that show pension plan participants are living longer. The SOA estimates that could produce a 4- to 8-percent increase in ...