Dell this week announced the latest release of Dell InTrust 11.0, a new IT data analytics solution that gives organizations the power to search and analyze vast amounts of IT data in one place, with real-time insights into user activity across security, compliance and operational teams. The solution’s newest feature, IT Search, is an interactive search and store engine that speeds security, compliance and operations visibility for investigations and audits with instant insight into relationships between data and users.

Through a single web interface, IT administrators and security teams for the first time can quickly find answers to all three key compliance and security questions: Who has access to data, how was it obtained and how was it used. With Dell InTrust, IT and security teams can thwart hidden security threats and quickly discover suspicious event trends and anomalies through dynamic breadcrumb investigations into users, groups, files, and events that might otherwise be overlooked and result in possible data breaches.

With its new IT search capabilities, InTrust 11.0 eliminates security silos and provides the ‘connectedness’ that enables IT to quickly investigate the relationships between users and the resources they access. From the time users log on until they log off, Dell InTrust provides a uniquely complete and connected view of the security events happening in the environment in real time, delivering tamper-proof information to easily address internal security policies and achieve regulatory compliance.

With InTrust, administrators can troubleshoot widespread issues in the event of an incident; security officers can fully conduct security investigations regardless of where data resides or how it is formatted; and compliance officers can easily produce reports validating compliance across multiple systems.

Full benefits include:

Operational visibility: Eliminates information security silos and simplifies analysis of events with an interactive search and store engine.

 Improved security investigations: Speeds security investigations and audits with instant insight into relationships between data and users.

Proactive detection of internal threats: Improves internal security by detecting suspicious patterns and event trends with real-time alerts.

Support for compliance regulations: Addresses regulatory compliance for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA and more by compressing, storing and indexing critical event log data for audits.

Reduced storage costs: Compresses terabytes of data down to gigabytes using a unique file-based repository with a 20:1 compression ratio and powerful full text search index, saving on storage costs and time spent searching for events across the enterprise network.

Integration with Dell SecureWorks and IAM security solutions: Feeds high quality user auditing data to SecureWorks managed security services, as well as other SIEM solutions to speed up security incidents detection and prevention, eliminating white noise overhead. Complements identity and access management for privileged account auditing to build a full picture of shared and superuser account activities, and raise individual accountability.