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    SEC Mulls Audit Committee Mandates as Voluntary Disclosures Grow


    As the SEC considers the potential for new disclosure requirements for audit committees, audit committees themselves are volunteering more, according to recent analysis by the Center for Audit Quality and Audit Analytics. The analysis revealed one-fourth of companies in the S&P 500 enhanced their discussion around the audit committee’s appointment ...

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    Advice Rolls In as SEC Disclosure Review Rolls On


    Image: Stop us if you’ve heard this before: The SEC is attempting a comprehensive overhaul of its disclosure regime. This time, however, Chairman Mary Jo White may succeed where many of her predecessors failed. The SEC has numerous ideas to reform Regulation S-X, and no shortage of public comments on ...

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    Clawbacks, Other Reforms Drive Better Pay Disclosure


    A new study from Deloitte finds that FTSE 100 companies have dramatically improved their disclosures around executive pay in recent years, probably in no small part due to new clawback provisions and other governance requirements adopted lately. (New regulations on pay disclosure were rolled out last year, such as a ...

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    SEC Launches Regulation S-X Review


    The Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking public comment on the effectiveness of financial disclosure requirements in Regulation S-X. The request for comment, part of the Commission’s Disclosure Effectiveness Initiative, focuses on financial disclosures companies must file regarding acquired businesses and affiliated entities

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    FASB Proposes Aligning Guidance on Materiality


    Image: FASB has issued two new exposure drafts—one to help firms use discretion when deciding which footnote disclosures should be considered material; the other to clarify the concept of materiality for standard-setting purposes. The proposals are intended to help organizations improve the effectiveness of their disclosures by steering them away ...

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    EY Finds More Voluntary Audit Committee Disclosures


    According to a recent report from EY, audit committees for the largest companies continue to raise the bar on what they voluntarily say in their reports about their responsibility for and oversight of the external audit. In its analysis, EY says 21 percent of audit committees disclosed in 2015 that ...

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    FASB Plans Disclosure Changes for Uncertain Tax Positions


    FASB has tentatively decided to revise disclosure of uncertain tax positions, by dropping the current requirement for companies to disclose the nature and estimate of the range for a reasonably possible change in the unrecognized tax benefit balance in the next 12 months. More inside.

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    Hertz Restatement Drives Home Top-Level Control Issues


    Image: Car rental kingpin Hertz Corp. is nearly finished with its sweeping restatement of several years’ worth of financial statements, and it’s giving compliance and audit executives plenty of cautionary tales to read. Its latest annual report outlines—in frank detail—more than a dozen failures, most of them in senior leadership. ...

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    All the Questions Confronting Clawback Policy


    The SEC has proposed a new rule that publicly traded companies adopt a clawback policy to recoup incentive-based compensation from executives that later turns out to be based on faulty financial statements. How hard can that be? Well, pretty hard, many compensation experts say. Inside, we have the run-down on ...

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    SEC Poses Long List of Possible Audit Committee Disclosures


    Only a day after audit regulators have proposed a new method for extracting from audit firms the names of engagement partners on each public company audit, the SEC blew open the discussion with a long list of its own questions about whether audit committees should provide that and many more ...

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    More Hints at More Audit Committee Disclosure


    Image: The SEC plans a concept release “soon” that could modernize audit committee disclosures for the first time in years, including touchy subjects like naming the audit engagement partner. Expect awkward questions to follow about how audit firms are hired and perform the work they do. “This foreshadows what I ...

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    Senator Presses SEC on Fake EDGAR Filings


    Image: In a letter to SEC Chair Mary Jo White, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) demanded more information about fake filings, including a fictitious Avon takeover bid, that somehow make their way onto the agency’s EDGAR system. “This pattern of fraudulent conduct is troubling, especially in light of the relative ease ...

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    Pension Funds Ask SEC for Board Diversity Rule


    A coalition of state treasurers and pension funds has petitioned the SEC for new disclosure requirements on board diversity. They want a new rule that adds gender, racial, and ethnic diversity data to current disclosures dictated by Regulation S-K, which only requires companies to identify the minimum skills, experiences, and ...

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    Momentum Grows for Small Companies & Capital Markets


    The SEC is exploring new ways to fulfill its mission to facilitate capital formation for small- and medium-sized companies. While uncertainty still surrounds capital formation efforts included in the JOBS Act, momentum is growing to revisit the SEC’s traditional definition of an accredited investor, and to create new “venture exchanges” ...

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    Blurred Lines: How to Handle Informal SEC Communications


    When the SEC sends a formal inquiry into your company’s operations, you know you have a problem to be handled in strict ways. So what about when the SEC delivers an “informal” request—and all those speeches and opinions, for that matter, that can sound an awful lot like formal guidance ...

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    SEC Speaks on Graphics, Multimedia in Filings


    The SEC is offering guidance on how companies can use charts, graphics, and even multimedia files in corporate filings to tell your story in fewer words. All well and good, says a new Compliance and Disclosure Interpretation from the Division of Corporation Finance. It warns, however, that required information must ...

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    Why Wait for SEC? The DIY Disclosure Review


    While companies await results of the SEC’s ongoing review of its disclosure regime (hint: do not hold breath), they can just as well try the same at home. Creating a disclosure committee, cutting redundancy in 10-K risk factors and MD&A sections, spotlighting material information, and using charts and graphs are ...

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    FTC, FDA Take Closer Look at Disclosures


    The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on companies with questionable advertising disclosures. The Food and Drug Administration, meanwhile, may allow shorter lists of side effects in drug and medical device ads, even as it prepares tougher standards for how these companies use online advertising and social media. The focus ...

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    Maturing Conflict Minerals Programs in Year 2


    Image: Now that everyone has closed their Excel files on the first year of conflict minerals compliance, companies are pushing toward greater automation in Year 2. Reducing lines of data about smelters in your supply chain is one step, improving data integrity another. “Technology can help you understand the supply ...

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    SEC Gives More Ideas on Less Disclosure


    Image: A small army of SEC officials attended the annual AICPA conference last week, offering all manner of advice to financial reporting executives struggling to comply with external reporting rules. One subject: how to achieve better disclosure with fewer words. “We are aware there are some registrants that seem to ...